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If you wanted to sign my guest book, I guess you already would have. You pissed Pharoah off...Uh oh. No telling what he's gona do now. ->.<-


Jonouchi: Well it's about time you started to decorate. I'ts been a while now. :scratches head:
Yugi: :hangs head: I know. I've been so lazy. I really don't think my interior design skillz are that great. But I'm trying!
Jonouchi: Don't sweat it, Yuug! I'll help you! You did put up the screenshot gallery, didn't you?
Yugi: Yeah! I think it looks good. Visitors can get to it by clicking here (ScreenShotGallery) ::B L U S H::
Jonouchi: Why are you blushing?? ^__^ What about the art gallery? Did you put that up as well?
Yugi: ::BLUSH BLUSH:: Uhh...yeah. It's up. Those pictures the Mistress did are kinda embarressing,tho! Visitors can get to it by clicking here (Yugioh Fanworks)
Yugi: Haa haa errr... let's go now. I'm not feeling well. Wana go to my bed room?? :B L U S H:
Jonouchi: Y E S!!

Hope everyone here likes the new layout. Yugi and Jonouchi worked very hard at getting it right.  Please leave all questions or comments in the guestbook.  Arigatou, Mina!
New art in Yugioh Fanworks!!!! Go check it out!!!
For all the Yaoi loving fans out there, i have a photo album filled with Yaoi pictures that I didn't want to place on this site. But if you would like to peek at them, read the diolaug between Yugi and Jonouchi to get the link. ::W I N K:: ^___^v

Im Yugi!

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